Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Lion Rampant

Last week I got a copy of Lion Rampant that I had on pre order for a while. The reviews sounded right up my street and having some WoTR figures I already have some figures to use for it. Its an excellent game, needs few figures and doesnt take long to play. Ticks all my boxes! Hope to get a game on soon.

Meanwhile, here are some of my figures.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Stand To - Wargames show Shildon Railway Museum Darlington.

Took a trip up to Darlo today to see this new little show at the Railway Museum. We expected a small show but a friendly one as we know many wargamers from the borderlands. Met a few familiar faces and had a few catch ups. Best of show for me was this game by Westerhop Wargames Group. A Toy Soldier size game made with figures found and foraged from pound shops and such. The grand total for the entire game - £60! Cheaper than an army starter box from some manufacturers! I took plenty of photos, which I'm sure the Westerhope chaps wouldn't mind me sharing. Good to meet these gents and I hope to game with them someday, they have a very healthy outlook on the hobby!!!

I made a few purchases too. An artillery caisson from Imex and some Italeri ACW figures from our friends from Wear Valley Wargamers and some American Militia for the AWI - all in 1/32 scale of course. Bought a couple of books from Dave Lanchester, an Osprey on the Ardennes and Don Fetherstone's Colonial Small Wars, which is absolutely brilliant!

Excellent day had! Came back to York for a meal out that included Teryaki Callamari from the Teppanyaki hot plate. Shame I didn't get a photo of that.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Framlingham 2014

Just back from a fantastic weekend in Suffolk as the guest of Mr Tim Hall who put on a fantastic wargames weekend for the Loose Association chaps. We had 3 games on day one, a DbN Napoleonic Game in 15mm, a War of Spanish Succession 20mm game with the Crusader Publishing rules Rank and File and an ACW game with Tim's own collection and rules. I played the ACW game both days, setting the scene on the Saturday for the bigger clash on the Sunday which involved all of us there.

Huge thanks to Tim for organising the weekend and for the use of a spare bed!

I had a good browse in Tim's wargames room too, which although better stocked than my own was very similar in many ways. We have something quite special in the pipeline for the next Loose Association weekend in May 2015! Watch this space.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Winter Russians 28mm

Got a start on my Russian lead pile! 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Visit to Soldiers in Silloth

So, she thought she was getting a nice break away in the Lake District, just the two of us and the dog. Doing couple things. So she sends me into the little tourist info place in Pooley Bridge and out I come exitedly waving a leaflet and babbling on to the tune of CANWEGOCANWEGOCANWEGO!!!!!!

I had no idea there was a Toy Soldier museum in the North of England. In fact I had no idea where Silloth was? Turned out to be a town high up on the Solway Coast, not far from the border to Scotland.

So we went!

It's a small museum but packed full of total joy and magic! I met the extremely decent chap whose collection is houses and learnt that it had only been open since 2012. I purchased a few books, a Britains Herald origional ACW figure and made some donations before browsing the delights inside.

Here are a few pics, sorry for the poor quality, took them on my phone.

If you get the chance please do go and support it!