Friday, 26 February 2010

View from the bunker!

The First 'Game of Toy Soldiers'

The game itself was simple 10 British Commandos attack a German bunker complex guarded by around 13 Germans. Each side had an officer and LMG with a few SMG's and grenade armed troops. We used old Airfix figures I had won on ebay for a few shillings, a BMC bunker bought from Steve Weston's Toy Soldiers, a few trees, rocks and a couple of 21st Cen vehicles for decoration or for hiding behind. You get a nice view out of the bunker windows! We use d6's only so that the game doesn't require 'specialist' wargames bits.

New Toy Soldier Skirmish Game in Development!!!

This week we began work on creating a very simple set of rules to allow us to play toy soldiers! At a stretch you might call it a skirmish wargame if you're bothered what non-enthusiasts might think but in escence it's a game of toy soldiers.
Thanks to Peeler, Dave and Richie's experience we were able to dive in and start pretty much from scratch playing a game. Movement is very simple, spotting is taken literally so you shoot at what you can actually see and effects of being hit are basic. The game boils down to who is armed with what and how much you can keep your head down before some Tommy pots a round through your helmet. I think there is still a lot of refining to do, especiall concerning the use of automatic weapons, these are pretty devastating at short range compared to a rifle - though they can jam up in a bad dice roll! As happened! Vehicles aren't much more than scenery, there's potential to use trucks, jeeps and vehicle mounted small arms but we didn't want this game to be dominated by a tank on the table. It's all about the firefight!