Monday, 9 July 2012

Wars of the Roses

We have been preparing for this year's demo/participation game at York Library and I have finally unboxed some Perry WoTR plastics to make up for a DbX type game, which was always the plan for them. I have also got the plastic mounted men at arms so they will be going with these too. They have painted up so good I might even get a few Perry metals to mix in based as singles for skirmishers/characters. I love painting armour, it's so easy! I have 'speed painted' these as I want to get them all done soon. The game will be in about 4 weeks so need to get a shift on and practice a simple game.

I have Neil Thomas' Ancient and Medieval wargaming, which is an excellent book if like me you only dabble in these periods. It has a few DbX style rules suggestions for various periods and gives brief explanations of the characteristics of the warfare of the times. As a starting point its great.

I have based the figs on 80mm x 30mm plasticard bases. The suggested base size for 25mm figures in DbA is 60mm x 20mm but I found this too small, they were hitting each other in the face with their weapons and looked all wrong, this base size seemed to work better and will fill up a table without using too many figures. I'm not sure how the mounted figures will work yet? They will need to be the same frontage so I may have two figs on a 40mm sqaure base and lump two bases togther for a unit.

Will update as and when I get more done. The main game is at York Library 11th August. 11:30am - 3:30pm so feel free to pop in.


Just some pics of the first base of cavalry and some finished archers: