Monday, 21 October 2013

Pictures of Gettysburg Db/ACW game.

This was a three day wargame of Gettsyburg laid on by Alex in his hotel. The figures are all plastic 1/72 scale and most of the terrain, including the town of Gettysburg itself was scratch built. The rules are an adapted version of Alex's DbN rule set available here:

Alex gives a briefing.

Opening moves. 

Tiger Zouaves lead the way. These were Norman's units that swept the Union off Culps Hill and held it throughout the battle. 

Custer himself. My cavalry units that were tasked with sweeping down the far side of Culps Hill and tying up as many Rebs as possible and if practicable to retake Culps Hill.

Rebs line the fences in front of the Peach Orchard and the Round Tops. 

Meade's HQ. 

Final stages at the Round Tops, Rebs taking a lot of losses here but in the end not enough. 

In a nutshell, the battle of Gettysburg in this instance took 2 long days of hard fighting. The Confederates slammed into the town of Gettysburg with force early on the first day, capturing it completely by day two and pressing on across Culps Hill. Huge reinforcements from the Confederates swung down the roads behind the Peach Orchard to prepare to take the Round Tops but a strong defence, particularly by the New Yorkers and the Berdan's held them off causing huge losses. Despite this after two days the exhausted Union had to concede and withdraw. The attempts to take back Culps Hill were impossible. The last move of the battle by a young Custer saved the Union pride and the army of the Potomac drew back to fight another day.