Friday, 28 January 2011

Small DBN game at Peeler's

Had a great little game at Peeler's new wargames room this week. Alex put on a small scenario with his DbN rules. Prussians, mostly enthusiastic Silesian Militia with a couple of brigades of Line and two gun batteries advance on a small town held by a small force of Frenchies. The winner would be whoever held the town after 12 game turns. French reinforcements were on the way but had to be diced for after turns five and eight. The scenario played out really well. A French cavalry regiment made a flanking charge at the massed Prussians quickly taking out the Deaths Head Hussars almost straight away and badly disrupting the Prussian advance in the early moves. Prussian persistence and force of numbers broke the town half way through and fought bravely to hold and garrison the town's buildings  until the end, one unit of French line proved a real problem and nearly won the game for the French had the reinforcements turned up in time and had they not been weakened on arrival by fast moving Prussian foot artillery. By move 10 the battle was still in the balance and the French could have fought to a draw by kicking out the Prussians from their garrisoned position. Prussian close combat proved too tough in the end and the town was held by the Prussians.

Prussians hold the town. Frenchie can only turn tail and head back to Paris!

Thanks to Peeler and Alex for a great game. Figures 15mm various makes from Alex's collection. Brilliantly painted and researched!

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