Wednesday, 11 January 2012

28mm Middle East

Hoping to play Force on Force with these 28mm Israeli soldiers. These were bought at Vapnartak years ago, one of those 'because they look nice' purchases that you never do anything with. I didn't have a suitable rule set until I recently bought Force on Force but they lend themselves so well to it I had to paint them up. I tracked down the maker and they are by Mongrel Miniatures, who now distribute through Newline Designs. The same company makes Syrians (which I now have 20 of) and PLO to put against they Israelis. They also do Russians/Afghans and various NATO troops and Pakistanis interestingly. Probably for Black Hawk Down scenarios (the Americans were in part rescued by a Pakistani UN force) That and modern day Afghan scenarios.

Hope to play a game soon so will be racing to get the Syrians painted in the next week or so. I have just won a whole 28mm middle east village that I saw on ebay too so just need some desert shrubery and I'm done!

Here are some pics of the village:


  1. Very nice

    I have a Force on Force game planned for next Monday and will post a report on my blog

  2. the buildings look great and a nice wee force should make for a fun game