Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Preparations for Battlegroup North

I was hoping to take a desert war version of our toy soldier rules to this years Battlegroup North weekend but I don't have as many Afrika Corps painted as I should have. However, I have recently bought the excellent skirmish rule set Normandy Firefight, designed for small groups of 3-6 figures a side and aimed at 1/32 scale figures. I'm hoping to play test these at Ayton. It might even be that we do a new version of the toy soldier rules with elements of the Normandy Firefight rules mixed in to add interest to game play and slow down the usual carnage. I bought these amazing Artizan 28mm figs at Triples last weekend. Bought 4 8th army, 4 SAS and 8 Africa corps. Plenty enough for a game of Normandy Battles. First 4 are done. Just need to make sure I get the others done by Friday! I will be using my new desert scenery and buildings on a 3x3 board. Have some nice Pegasus palm trees too! More pics to follow.

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