Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Derby Show

It's been a while since we went down to Castle Donnington for the Derby 2012 Wargames show. A good show generally but a bit disturbed by the motor racing going on outside. Got a few bits for my Bolt Action collection including a couple of Warlord tanks. T34 and this Hetzer, which I had painted and finished less than 24 hours after getting it home! Also bought the rule book for the bargain price of £19.

I was hoping to get in on a demo of Bolt Action but it was a bit too busy. Took some pictures instead, which I will use for reference.

I liked the idea of the movement trays but the Soviet units have 12 men and the trays only allow for 10, though no problem just adding extra figures to the bulk tray alongside. I do also really like the ruined hamlet Warlord do and will probably pick one up soon.
Met many other chaps of good breeding from the WD3 site at Derby too. A good day out thanks to Peeler for driving and Richie for buying the Star Wars X-Wing game first so I could see if it was any good before I bought it.

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