Sunday, 30 June 2013

Scarborough wargames show haul.

So, I went with £30 as I didnt want to spend much today but most traders take cards so that didnt work!

Haul of winter clad Soviets (including 75mm gun) from Col. Bill, two Warlord tanks for my Bolt Action British army and some 1/32 plastics from a small trader who makes hs own metal 1/32 display toy soldiers. Mostly bands but with some interesting other subjects, nearly bought his maxim gun on limber kit. His company is called Victorian Toy Soldiers but I don't think they are online. Doesnt have an email address but I got his post address and phone number.

The armies in plastic Confederates are great and a nice stiff plastic. Hope to now get more of these figures. The lancers are a nice too, very simple and classic looking. The Scots Greys only had 5 horses in the box but that's enough for the units I'm doing in this scale.

Had a game of VBCW with Bob and the Brompton crew, good potter about and a few nice chats. Also bought an old Osprey for the Japanese army of WWII. Gave my last quid to Col. Bill for some 40mm bases to finish the Airfix Gurkhas I got last week.

Now back to the painting!


  1. Hmmm, intrigued by the 'Victorian Toy Soldiers'. Pity I didn't pop in as I'm in Scarborough!

    The Confederates do look very good! :)

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