Saturday, 21 December 2013

London Toy Soldier Show 9th Dec 2013

So, this year I fulfilled a long held ambition to attend a London Toy Soldier Show. Met Ken from Scarborough's Maison Millitaire, not seen him in years since the shop closed. Also met up with Tim H. and EB from the Loose Forum. Good catch up and bought some things for the Little Wars game we have coming up at our annual games weekend at Ayton in May next year.

People had come from all over Europe, possibly did the same as me and combined it with a long weekend. I went with friends Kay and Rog and we took in the V&A, Natural History and British Museum as well as a visit to a book shop with the biggest Osprey section I have ever seen!

On the whole the show was a bit of an anti-climax for me, these days I can't afford metal 54mm figures and much of it was over priced. It lacked a lot of what wargames shows have, notably any games! It is purely a collectors fair and didn't have the community spirit you might find at such a show as Smoggycon. Never the less it was worth seeing. The turnover of new releases in the toy soldier scale is so slow, it'll probably be a few years before I feel like going to another one. I think I am more a wargamer and collector of the smaller scales these days.

Here is a pictoral review of a few things that caught my eye.

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