Sunday, 1 November 2009

Rapid Fire Update

Managed to re-equip my paint desk with much needed basing paint today at the Leeds waragmes show, so here is the first base of Valliant 20mm German Infantry done. They are alongside a Tiger I aquired from Richard, these are the new Italeri fast build kits and are very good! I also picked up a German supply wagon with horses from Skyrex just to pad out the battalion supply equipment. Hopefully I should have all the Germans done soon.
There was a lot of interesting stuff at the show despite being even smaller yet again this year. For a WWII fan there was lots to poke about in at the trade stalls. There was a Rapid Fire game which was a modern Arab/Israeli battle in 15mm. I didn't get any pics since it didn't seem to be progressing much and there was a lot of tank traffic jams it seemed.
I liked the figures that Grubby Tanks had and I'm keen to get some Russians togther, that may be this year's Christmas present to myself? There was a trader selling ready painted Rapid Fire units which was also tempting, if I'd had £200 I'd have snapped em up.