Tuesday, 20 October 2009

More from the BMC Iwo Jima set

BMC also do equally inexpensive sets for D-Day but these figures are much more of a toy style. I'd definately recommend the Iwo Jima set for the price. I think mine are likely going to end up a Nephew's Christmas present one day.


  1. BMC are an interesting company. I first came accross them in south west Ireland in a typical "seaside" £1 shop (actually 1 Euro shop). Was amazed to see a bag of very cheap (Chinese) American Civil War figures with small plastic trucks with rockets and missiles!!!
    When I got home I discovered they were actually BMC rip offs. They painted up pretty well and over the years I have added BMC Cavalry (poor) and Artillery (pretty good) to my collection of ACW.
    Earlier this year at the Plastic War show I picked up an Irish Brigade bag (50 figs for £10) which had nicely done character poses.
    It is often the case with BMC that the "idea" is better than the "finished product" but they seem an inexpensive way of building an Army.

  2. Had a good look through Tim, all good stuff there, thanks.