Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Now an award winning game!

We ended a fantastic weekend by scooping the 2nd prize for best participation game! I like to think we raised a few eyerbrows of fellow gamers and also introduced wargaming to many new young converts to the hobby. Sadly we were too busy playing to realize we had won anything and did't get the official presentation, so we had our own! Part of the prize was 10% off anything we wanted from the trade stands so I treated myself to some 1/32 Napoleonics. The hope is that we can adapt the simple rules for horse and musket era battles! Watch this space!


  1. :-) A good weekend, nicely topped off by your Trophy Tim, nice pics & write Up too.

  2. Here's a well done and Huzza from Ohio!


    Way to show the 54mm flag!