Friday, 6 August 2010

Charlie Don't Surf!

Finished this batch of 1/72 Italeri US special forces in Vietnam last night. They were very quick to do and look quite good. Got the Viet Cong and NVA to do next. From my teenage years when I got into the smaller scale these figures were my favourite. The old Esci one's I have are too sentimental for me to paint so I bought some of the new ones from Italier, which are also harder plastic and better detailed anyway. I have also bought a Bell Huey Medivac from ebay - ready made metal model by Hobbycraft. I tried to make the Italeri Huey but my aircraft modelling skills aren't great and it looks a mess, it was supposed to be an easy model to make!? The shop in York also has amphibious tanks for Vietnam - ready made die cast models! So I may pick one of those up too. The hard thing will be making scenery, I've never successfully recreated a jungle so that will be the biggest challenge.

The best thing about these figures is that there isn't a single one in either the US or Vietnamese box that you wouldn't want painted and on the table, no silly or useless poses. Each set has a wounded pair that can be made into a little diorama, perfect for the medivac I have on the way!
I plan on testing our toy soldier rules with these to see what it plays like in this scale. May need to adjust some ranges but otherwise should be fine.

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