Sunday, 9 September 2012

Update on 28mm Nap project.

I have been on quite a big shopping spree recently. It's extremely satisfying buying whole units at a time and definately the way forward. I just hope I can focus and complete painting one unit at a time. I'm beginning to realise what a huge thing I've bitten off to chew with Napoleonics but no matter, I had few other plans for the next 40 years.

Attended Border Reiver show in Gateshead with Richie, met Roger there. New venue for this show at Gateshead Stadium, which worked well despite the catering failing to appear as promised. It was a quiet show but plenty of good traders and most importantly Dave Thomas was there with his Perry figures.

For my Prussians I picked up a 36 man btn of Landwehr:


A 12 horse unit of Hussars:


and a Horse Artllery Howitzer with crew. I don't have a photo of this but here is a photo of the Foot Artllery running up a 9lb gun that I have just finished.

The btn of Line infantry in greatcoats are nearly finished. I had to order one more pack from Perry to make up the 36 man btn. Photos of the finished unit to follow shortly. I also have some mounted officers waiting to be painted.
I have been aiming towards 3 infantry units and one cavalry with a gun or two as the core of my army. You can get away with this size army to play a small game of Foundry's Napoleon rules. I  have Black Powder but having read it the sheer size of armies needed has made these rules a bit of a pipe dream for now.
I have just come back from Colours at Newbury, an amazing show! Met up with Colonel Bill and bought from him a 36 man btn of Foundry French in greatcoats. So now have the beginings of my French Army.
I have been looking at the later Napolenoic period (6th Coalition) and the retreat from Russia as the period for my armies. I like the look of the embattled war weary French and the simple, yet effective, post 1813 Prussians were an obvious choice for an easy to paint first Napoleonic army. Just need to get some reading material, hope to pick up the Borodino Osprey that has just come out!

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