Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Framlingham 2014

Just back from a fantastic weekend in Suffolk as the guest of Mr Tim Hall who put on a fantastic wargames weekend for the Loose Association chaps. We had 3 games on day one, a DbN Napoleonic Game in 15mm, a War of Spanish Succession 20mm game with the Crusader Publishing rules Rank and File and an ACW game with Tim's own collection and rules. I played the ACW game both days, setting the scene on the Saturday for the bigger clash on the Sunday which involved all of us there.

Huge thanks to Tim for organising the weekend and for the use of a spare bed!

I had a good browse in Tim's wargames room too, which although better stocked than my own was very similar in many ways. We have something quite special in the pipeline for the next Loose Association weekend in May 2015! Watch this space.

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