Sunday, 19 October 2014

Stand To - Wargames show Shildon Railway Museum Darlington.

Took a trip up to Darlo today to see this new little show at the Railway Museum. We expected a small show but a friendly one as we know many wargamers from the borderlands. Met a few familiar faces and had a few catch ups. Best of show for me was this game by Westerhop Wargames Group. A Toy Soldier size game made with figures found and foraged from pound shops and such. The grand total for the entire game - £60! Cheaper than an army starter box from some manufacturers! I took plenty of photos, which I'm sure the Westerhope chaps wouldn't mind me sharing. Good to meet these gents and I hope to game with them someday, they have a very healthy outlook on the hobby!!!

I made a few purchases too. An artillery caisson from Imex and some Italeri ACW figures from our friends from Wear Valley Wargamers and some American Militia for the AWI - all in 1/32 scale of course. Bought a couple of books from Dave Lanchester, an Osprey on the Ardennes and Don Fetherstone's Colonial Small Wars, which is absolutely brilliant!

Excellent day had! Came back to York for a meal out that included Teryaki Callamari from the Teppanyaki hot plate. Shame I didn't get a photo of that.

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