Monday, 19 October 2009


I have tons more still to paint. Painted them in a traditional gloss finish. The Timpo Union troops are inexpensive and look great. The Rebels here are mostly Imex, with a few Call to Arms. This project started when I painted one I had from my childhood (the one with the brown base) it turned out pretty good so I bought some more and carried on.


  1. The Timpo Union guy standing on rock is one of my favourite figures.
    My problem with CTA is that there is not much variety 16 figs in 4 poses and prolly closer to 1/35 anyway.
    Do I see some Accurate figs in the Rebel lines?

  2. Yes, exactly right with CTA. As far as I know it's a one man band company. I have the 'Coloured' Union Troops to paint, about 3 boxes. Yes there will be some Accurates in there too, my ACW is a mixed bag. The only ones I don't like are the Timpo Confederates, they have silly hats.

  3. Yes the hats tend to spoil the Timpo Confederates but at least they are VERY different from the Union guys. Some of the Union guys can be painted grey.