Sunday, 18 October 2009

Airfix 1/32 8th Army

Painted up my first box of the new k-resin 1/32 scale 8th Army from Airfix. Old moulds - new figures! This is the best thing to happen to my wargames career in a long time! The figures are perfect as they are easy to paint and anatomically correct with decent poses. At £5.70 a box they are cheap too! 14 figures to a box, with 4 boxes I easily have a Rapid Fire battalion! I dug out some Timpo machine gunners, radio opperators and Monty himself to complement them. Will post pictures of the whole lot when they are done.

I've been painting these up very quickly by just doing the basic colours and then a bit of dry brushing with a buff colour to bring out detail and give them that embattled look. It seems to work and I can put out 14 men on the table painted in an afternoon. I use Games Workshop Skull White undercoat spray and this saves a huge amount of time as well as being a really good matt finish to take the colours. I finish them off with a humbrol spray matt varnish, which seems to be just right without making them brittle. The k-resin they are made from should hold the paint for a long time without chipping or cracking as long as they arn't handled too roughly.

More to follow...

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  1. Hi Tim, what did you find to be the best way to remove mold lines etc?
    I bought a pack of the US Infantry and they had a lot of flash and some of those annoying round marks that some figures end up with. I tried various files and a scalpel but results were very mixed and I was )perhaps foolishly) hoping that a file would be good for the job.