Friday, 28 December 2012

Last game of 2012 - Borodino

Well, 2012 was a great year for wargames. I managed to get to 10 shows, painted figures for and played some WoTR battles, played lots of DbN and am well on the way with lots of 28mm WWII for Bolt Action. I've made a good start on a Napoleonic Prussian Army for Black Powder, that maybe a long time in completion though. Also got into other types of wargames such as Wings of War, X-Wing, Zombie games and bought Memoir 44, though have yet to play it. May do that tomorrow?

The plan for 2013 is to play some Bolt Action games, give the Toy Soldier rules a refresh and maybe do a demo game or two and carry on with board wargames. If I'm going to do another period in 2013 its likely to be French Indian War in 28mm - Muskets and Tommahawks, so far I've resisted.

So, yesterday I was invited to Alex's place for a day long refight of Borodino using his own DbN rules, co written with Bob who was also there. I think there was 9 of us in all 5 commanding the French and Richie, John, Peeler and myself (as Bagration) commanding the Russians. Jordan made a rather unconvincingly young but believably capable Napoleon. The French swooped round at both flanks, leaving some very bewildered Russian guns in the central redoubt mostly redundant throughout the game. On the one side of Borodino Richie's Cossacks valiantly stunted the French with no less that suicide cavalry charges and some outstanding artillery volleys while the opposite flank was all but completely destroyed by the Westphalian, Polish and associated allies with some French Elites mixed in. Bagration (me) was left holding the village on the far side with nothing more left than a few Moscow millitia, surrounded by a massive French force of light infantry units and odd small line units that had been whittled down by Russian Grenadiers defending from the village before being wiped out. The French won on victory points after causing sufficient Russian losses and holding enough of the redoubts and villages surroundng Borodino to force a Russian withdrawl. The French still had all it's Old Guard in reserve as well as Guard Artillery, which was just begining to move at the end of the game. Borodino itself remained untouched. The game could have lasted 25 turns but was won in just 15 lasting about 7 hours.

Borodino - The Start

The Russians deploy!

Russian Grenadiers try to hold the village.

A huge thank you for an excellent day of wargames and hospitality from the Testo's!!! Merry Christmas and a happy wargames filled 2013 to all!!!

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