Friday, 28 December 2012

The current state of my wargames workshop

To finish 2012 here is a quick tour of the aftermath of 2012 in my wargames HQ.

The painting desk: currently on the go are Crusader Miniatures Early War British Infanrty and various Prussian Napoleonics from Perry, all 28mm. I just bought a new batch of Vallejo paints today for my French WWII figures. The first Bolt Action games I'll be playing will be simple early war scenarios with just a couple of squads. The wheelie bin brush pot was a Birthday present from Anni.

Perry Prussian Landwehr (yes I know Warlord do them in plastic and yes I have them too)

The Warlord Ruined Hamlet:
In this kit you get enough parts to build three of these two storey cottages and three small one storey hovels without the roof. I put them togther with plastic glue and stuck them onto plasticard bases that I cut out from A4 sheets, bought from Monk Bar Models. I deliberately left off the chimney sections so they could be used for earlier periods too.

Next I used scenic pva glue and added some groundwork to the base. I then sprayed the whole thing in tank grey (no photo of that)

Lastly, I added some colour to the brickwork, plaster and wood areas with some drybrushing to the groundwork. All six buildings were done in less that an hour from being undercoated with the grey spray. Not a materpiece but they'll do, I'll spend the time on the figures.

Some Fallshirmjagers waiting to have bases built up with green stuff. I mostly use Redendra plastic 25mm round bases now for 28mm figures. Here we have two rifle sections, a command unit and mortar. About the minimum for a decent quick game of Bolt Action.

Here are some of the Crusader Miniatures late war British I'm working on. There are 4 units of rifles, 1 x command, PIAT team, small mortar and a 75mm gun with crew. Also have a unit of Lord Lovatt's Commandos by Artizan Designs.

Hope to have Bolt Action battle reports to post soon in 2013!

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