Saturday, 1 December 2012

Recon Pudsey

It's been a few years since I've been to the Pudsey show. Snowed off in 2009 and 2010 and was in Sri Lanka in 2011 so this was a welcome return to a popular little show. The Yorkshire Coast Wargamers were there en-masse. In fact we were pretty much all in attendance from the core group. Alex and Peeler put on a DbN Borodino, which was quite epic! I only played a few opening moves then went for a wander round and ended up playing a few rounds of Bolt Action. I was really keen to play this game as I have recently bought the rules, have plenty of figures for it and ready to start putting games on but needed come coaching on the rules. It's great! Small units of 28mm figs, usually 10 man rifle squads or a 3 man support weapon and around six or so units per side is more than enough even for a 6x4 table. There were about six people playing in the end and one umpire, it's definately a good game to play with plenty of players. Emphasis is on pinning, which affects your ability to fight the more pinned markers you collect, killing is secondary as a very pinned unit will soon become useless, there are morale checks in the rules but they wern't used in the demo. Sadly no pictures of it but plenty of the DbN game:

This Zulu War game caught my eye, I hovered over the huge Rorkes Drift box set at the Warlord stand until some bloke behind me said.. "That's a lot of painting" and he was right, I put it back on the shelf.

Finally the purchases! I did a lot of shopping today. A number of Crusader 28mm WWII from Colonel Bill's, some bargain price Warlord figures US Para's and the new plastic Soviets. A scenery set from Warlord, the ruined hamlet buildings, which are great! Some bases and some more Bolt Action dice. Also bought a K&R carry case for my growing 28mm figures. This was my 10th and final wargames show of 2012 and I owed myself some Birthday/Christmas goodies at this last show of the year so went with a view to splash out. I didnt buy anything that wasnt to do with Bolt Action games so I was pleased I managed to stay focussed and not start any new projects.

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