Friday, 18 December 2009

The Dingly Dell of Death!

The German's and Soviets both entered each side of the wood and fought a fierce firefight through the trees, the Red Army took massive losses but stood firm through a couple of morale tests even after loosing their Political Commisar. They fought on despite no one being there to remind them that an NKVD firing squad awaited anyone thinking of surrender. The last few remnants eventually melted away depite support arriving from the T34's that had retreated back up the road after and exchange with the Tigers outside the town. German losses in the wood were minimal at this point but the other company had rather blindly jumped into their transport and tried to cross the road under the bombardment of the T34's to joint with their brothers in defence in the wood in the hope they would be better placed to attack the Soviet armour with infantry crewed anti-tank weapons. Few survived and the truck was now blocking the road forcing the Tigers to chase the T34's cross country. Meanwhile the Marder III was on it's way to the wood to support the infantry, vicorious against the Red Army infantry but now at the mercy of the T34's.

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