Saturday, 12 December 2009

Pudsey report

A fantastic day was had at the Pudsey show last week. A good turn out from the Yorkshire Coast Wargamers and a great couple of Zulu Wars battles put on using DbColonial rules and figures with thanks to Alex and Peeler!

I bought a load of resin vehicles from Under the Bed, some of which I'm disappointed in as they are crumbling and snapping before I've even painted them, grrr. You get pigs and gems in this range but at the price of them they are ok. I will stick to Ready to Roll and Millicast in the future when I feel the need for a resin AFV in 1/72 scale. Also got some figures from Ceasar in 1/72 plastic, the new US GI's and some German's I think, they went straight into giftwrap when I got them home so I can't remember now. Damn this time of year!

Pudsey was my favourite show this year! Looking forward to the next one.

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