Friday, 18 December 2009

Final outcomes

The inevitable happened to this armoured car causing the first blockage to the road, the following SU 152 was also destroyed right on the end of the bridge. This left the battle in a shoot out between Tigers and T34's, the Tigers were already limping and the Soviets eventually cleared all real opposition to the town. The T34's then covered the bridge and waited for engineering support to clear a way through. Meanwhile the artillery outside the town, which had been inactive all through, braced itself for a final stand. The Waffen SS company in the Dingly Dell of Death fell to the revenge of the T34's and retreated with a HMG manned by a lone gunner. Some surviving troops from the second company also fell back towards the town.

The Red Army could be said to have had a difficult victory. Assuming no further resistance could be fielded soon. Soviet losses were great but this is not a problem for the huge Red Army. High Command was happy with Comrade Peelerski's attack and he was spared the gulag on this occasion. The German's lost yet more tanks they can ill afford and a number of very brave troops. Iron crosses were won by the crew of the Panther and many of the infantry were decorated for their efforts but this battle only served to slow the tide of iron rolling in from the East.

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  1. An interesting, enjoyable and pleasant game was had Tim, thanks, and a good write up too.